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Weston & Trent Valley Darts League

1.  The league shall be called, The Weston Trent Valley Dart League

2.  The league shall be governed by a committee comprising of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and 5 others. All officers to stand for 2 years and are automatically eligible for re-election, 5 members to be elected annually. If a member misses 2 meetings without any apologies or reasonable explanation then said member may be removed by the committee, and a new member elected

2 (a) To allow new members of the committee to be appointed outside of an AGM, to fill a shortfall in numbers, a resolution was passed at the AGM held in October 2015 to allow the committee to co-opt new willing members as required.

3.  League meetings will be held annually before the start of the season but may be called at any time if the committee deems it necessary.

4.  All signed players names must be in the secretary’s possession at least 24 hrs. before playing. The landlord of a pub is not automatically signed.

5.  Teams are not allowed to sign new players after the midway point in the season. If a player infringes rule 4 or 5 the game he/she plays in will be made void and a game will be deducted from his teams result and awarded to the opposition as a penalty.

5 (a) In the event of a team dropping out of the league after the start of the season any points or achievements won against that team will be voided and the fixtures will show that team as then becoming a bye.  Players signed for the team that dropped out will then be counted as not being signed on in the season and at the discretion of the committee and on payment of new signing fees may be allowed to sign on for another team providing this is before the half way point.

6. The match board shall be 5'8" high from the floor to the bull and the throw line shall be 7'9 1/4"" in a plumb line from the face of the board and measured along the floor.

7. The throw line shall be permanently shown in some distinctive manner and not be less than 2ft long. The line must be toed i.e.; not trodden on. A player may move as far along the line as he wishes.

8.  Each player to have 3 darts.  Scores are to be marked using either electronic marker, chalk board / whiteboard, which must be clearly visible and must show the players score which is then deducted from to total leaving the players balance. This is to allow all to see scores and any errors can then checked and rectified.

9.  A match shall consist of 6 singles games of 301 (best Of 3 Legs) and 3 doubles of 501 (one leg). All games to start and finish with a double. Opponents shall be drawn for. Away team to throw first for the bull, the nearest the bull throws for a double first in legs 1 and 3, if the third leg is played.

10.  Match results will be decided by games won as a team. Two points will be awarded to the winning team in each match.

11.  The team with the highest amount of points at the end of the season will win the league. Should 2 or more teams have equal points the team winning the most individual legs shall be the winner. If at this stage teams are still equal a play off on a neutral board shall be held. This will be sorted out by the League Secretary.

12.  All darts thrown count as a throw whether they stick in the board or not except when throwing for the bull to start a game.

13.  If a dart falls out before the announcer calls the score it does not count. Only darts actually touching, or in the board are counted when the score is announced. If a dart falls out after the score is called it does count. If a dart knocks another one out, the fallen dart does not count.

14. The exact number must be obtained. If a score is made greater then the player shall then throw for his original score.

15. League matches shall be played on a Wednesday evening. The draw to take place at 8.45pm. Any player not present when their name is called to play shall forfeit their game.

16.  If teams can only field 4 or 5 players they must still turn up or else forfeit the game. No matches may be cancelled except in the case of extremely bad weather or exceptional circumstances. The League Secretary and the oppositions team to be notified in all such cases as soon as possible.

17.  Should a team fail to turn up the match will be awarded to their opponents as a 9-0 win.

18.  The captain of the home team must notify the league secretary of the result of a match not later than 6pm on the following Sunday evening.

      If a result is late the committee may decide to deduct, from the home team one match point.

19.  Should a player sign and play for more than one team in this league, his registration will be cancelled for the season. Any team infringing this rule will forfeit 2 points and such points will be awarded to the opposing team. No player may transfer during the season, except where rule 5a applies.

20. Voting at an A.G.M. is restricted to one representative from each team.

21.  All signed players must be able to retrieve their own darts from the dart board (except in the case of disabilities).  The minimum age of 14 years has now been removed to promote younger players joining the league from October 2015 (admittance to a venue for any player is at the Landlords discretion.).  

22.  Any Team that has not paid their summer or Winter Fees will forfeit their prizes at the following presentation. If no prize money is due the team will not be allowed to enter any future leagues until the money is paid in full. Any prizes not awarded or collected on presentation night will be donated to a suitable cause at the committee’s discretion.

23. If when a match draw is made, 2 byes are drawn against each other then the home team will be awarded the individual leg.

24. If a player from a visiting team is banned from the venue then his game will be forfeit unless another player can be substituted.

25. If at the start of the season a new team is formed from established division one league players and contains 3 or more of the said players, then that team shall go straight into division one. This is applicable in the event of more than one division in the league during that season.

26. The board shall be made open for the opposition to practice on at 8.30 pm.

27. A shadow league consisting of the lower section of teams in the division (if only one division) may be run from the halfway point.  The first and second positions of these lower teams at the end of the season will receive awards.  (standard league rules apply)

28. Prize money awarded at the end of each season to teams and players according to achievements will be proportionate to the monies received in that season after all expenses deducted.

29. The league runs a No Violence Policy. No registered member of the Weston & Trent Valley Darts League should be subject to any violence or any threat of violence prior to, during or after any league arranged match.  Any breach of this policy will result in the players being suspended pending an investigation from the league committee (The committee will endeavour to investigate this in an efficient and timely manner). If the team are found at no fault then the missed matches will be rescheduled. If the team are found at fault then they will be removed from the league.

30. Wild Card Rules

We are introducing wild cards to the darts league, this is to allow you to still play a match should you be short of players, the wild cards are going to be restricted to 2 per half of the season. The use of the wild cards is detailed below;

A wild card = 1 person

o If you are 2 people short for a match that = 2 wild cards

A wild card can only be used twice per half a season

The wild is to be drawn at random after the main draw

Each wild card use needs to be reported to the Secretary with the match results

Wild cards cannot be carried over to the next half of the season

Any misuse of the wild cards by a team will result in the points going to the other team

Wild card players will only play one game (singles best of 3, doubles single leg)

o If the wild card is used in the singles, that doesn’t transfer to the doubles

o If you are using a wild card to cover both a singles game and a doubles game, you will need to draw 2 cards and it will count as 2 wild cards

Wild cards are to be used to top up players when you are short and are not to be used when you have players available

31. Should any matter arise not covered by the above rules the committee will resolve it.

Knock Out Competitions.    

Team K.O.            Normal league format and rules apply (with the exception of going for bull to see who throws first, away team to bull up first), singles best of 3 legs and doubles one leg only.

Doubles K.O.        501 best of 1 game, double start, finish on a double. Partners may be changed after the draw for the first round of the competition but not after play has commenced.    

Singles K.O.          301 best of 3 games, start and finish on a double.

An entry fee of 1 pound per player in both singles and doubles may be payable and will be notified prior to entry.

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